Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Fresco Verdi(fresh green)Juice

Our very favourite green juice. So fresh and satisfying. The following combination of vegetables seems to go together so well. The amounts are just approximations. Play around with the amounts to suit your taste. 

This is my juicer the Omega VRT. It is a slow "masticating"type and it makes very good quality juice. If you are new to juicing, you may want to start with a juicer that is a little less expensive than the Omega. Some of the centrifugal juicers are affordable at about $50-$60. The Omega juices slowly and works better if the veggies are chopped up fairly fine. The centrifugal juicers are faster and do not need the veggies chopped up quite as fine. Do your research before you buy.

Start with good quality, fresh vegetables. Makes 2 large glasses.

3 apples
5 celery
1 large English cucumber
2 inches ginger
2 lemons or limes
4 cups packed spinach or kale 

If you are new to green juice, you may want to add one more apple. We like it just as is.

Chop your veggies as directed for your juicer. The celery and citrus must be cut into one inch pieces for the Omega. 
Put the fruit and veggies through the juicer, following manufactures guidelines.

This is the pulp. I put this directly into my compost pile. In about 6 months it will turn to compost and I will add it to my vegetable garden where I will grow the cucumbers and kale to make juice with. The circle of life in my little world.
More about composting techniques later this summer(under the Urban Farming Tab).

Make sure to drink this slowly. Over the course of about 30min. You may develop abdominal discomfort,  if consumed too fast. 
It doesn't get much healthier than that. I try to buy organic produce, especially if I am going to eat the peel. 


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